Thursday, August 6, 2009


Funny People is a serious comedic journey through a turbulent time in the life of George Simmons' (Adam Sandler). Simmons is a comedian who's become enormously successful as a big screen actor - truly a stretch for Sandler - and comes across what may be a life threatening condition. Being your average "guy who's got it all - yet NOTHING", George is reduced to confining himself to his gigantic estate and solemly swimming in his enourmous pool, constantly reminded of the love of his life Laura (Leslie Mann)- AKA "The one that got away" - and sulking in thoughts of having become distant from his "dysfunctional" family...amidst his fame and fortune.

In having this life threatening illness diagnosed, Simmons goes from being the life of the party and big man on campus to a much more dark introspective approach to his life and comedy. Enter chance encounter with the unsuspecting struggling comedian Ira (Seth Rogen) at a popular comedy club. George Simmons decides to go back and reveal his darker side to the people and Ira, whose stand up comedy set is bombing terribly, takes full advantage and makes Simmons the butt of his impromptu jokes.

After a negative exchange immediately after the club George decides the next day to give Ira the call of his life, enrolling Ira to write material for a special event at which Simmons is appearing. The rest as they say, is over two hours (a Ben Hur comedy!) of twists and turns.

This film is very long by comedy standards, and is best categorized as a very original cliche' for the "Man who has EVERYTHING - except L-O-V-E".

Overall Funny People is chuckle out loud funny with some flashes of hilarious and a few "awweee that's so saaaad" moments. I would definitely see it again - when it comes on HBO...definitely! ;)

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