Saturday, October 17, 2009


BE ADVISED * This review will pose questions you MAY not want to see if you have NOT seen "Paranormal Activity" but still plan on going to see it.

That said...

"Paranormal Activity" is an intimate suspense thriller set in suburbia - and features a young unwed couple who move into a new home together. The daring duo Katie & Micah, very early on knowingly embark upon a stand-off with a spirit that is one unhappy squatter, made evident by their decision to keep a camera rolling in the bedroom throughout the night and at all other times during the day.

Early encounters manifest as your run of the mill "what was THAT" type odd sounds throughout the house, as the initial battle they have themselves is over whether or not to employ an exorcist to drive out the unwelcome house-guest.

Micah, being the lost alpha-male who refuses to ask for directions, takes it upon himself to "trap" this angry Casper and all paranormal hell breaks loose. The spirit becomes more and more bold and less camera shy as the couple becomes more and more daft for not up and leaving (okay maybe the movie would be a lot shorter had they done that). Things crescendo to the point where...we'll just say the "Paranormal Activist" is obviously in CONTROL and it's all bad!

On a whole, "Paranormal Activity" definitely has it's share of scary/eerie moments and a few laughs to ease the suspense. It seems, however, to be "Blair Witch" inside "The Ring" and ends in an abrupt and mostly predictable way.

On a human (and MALE) level, it leaves one having a few questions, as most horror movies do:

1) Why the *%$& not just LEAVE THE *%#&@ HOUSE!! (okay that's a gimme)

2) How many GUYS find out their GIRLFRIEND has an angry ghost on her trail and stick around to see how that works OUT?!! Brave man by any standard. One can defend his girl against man or animal, but GHOST...NOT SO MUCH!

3) Was there something the REALTOR didn't tell THEM or something KATIE never told MICAH * "Uhhh honey, I have an angry entity that kinda won't take NO for an answer..."

This might be one that you go see while in theaters to get the full effect of the "haunting", and while it has gained some very favorable reviews, it might just be "Paranormal SUCK-tivity".
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