Thursday, August 6, 2009


The works of artist Leland Sharp are best described as iconic visual literature. This description is fitting not only because the majority of Sharp's works are paintings of cultural icons, but his use of various colors and oils as well as his interpretation of these timeless images speaks volumes.

Each mixed media painting, done on canvas with a combination of specialized acrylic, a light sensitive aerodescent and traditional oil paints, has it's own distinct vibrant color scheme while still maintaining the artists signature vision.

Leland Sharp himself is far from being defined by just his immense talent as a visual artist, that gift is surrounded by a myriad of other talents and interests. One of those being his eye for images by way of camera lens. His company / media movement, appropriately called Sharp Faces Entertainment, showcases his keen eye for photographic images and chic Hollywood culture.

The mix of these elements of media provides Leland the ideal stimulus for
creating iconoclastic pieces. By his own definition, Leland Sharp is "...taking icons that matter in different genres of history, and looking at the person from the inside out." A very fitting way of explaining how is eye as a photographer translates onto canvas. He expounds upon that with the reference to his photo negative style as "...taking the negative and bringing color to it..."

Owning a piece of these Sharp images is mainly for those who are recession proof. Originals of Dizzy Gillespie or Miles Davis start at a mere $5,000.00, and ones of Bob Marley or Malcolm X (both signed on the back by the family of each) can put a $20,000.00 dent in your stimulus package. But hey, if you have to ask how much it costs...there are printed copies available for $1,500.00.

At present, Mr. Sharp is finishing up his newest inspiration - the 4X4 foot Barack Obama portrait - which will surely fly off the easel.

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