AYCE MEDIA GROUP/AYCE MEDIA TV is the brainchild of N. MAURICE WILLIAMS. Programming ranges from original TV shows to investor related programs on Real Estate and other investments, to original scripted programming such as TV series/pilots and feature film shorts.

AYCE MEDIA TV is a breeding ground for the hottest new talent, TV shows, cultural movements and investment trends and is conceived with the additional purpose of growing into a cable or otherwise widespread media channel outlet.

AYCE MEDIA TV – ORIGINAL SCRIPTED * TV & Feature Film projects intended to draw a large international audience and build a following that will attract major conventional TV networks and Film Studios and set the stage for major viewing and distribution.

AYCE MEDIA TV – INVESTMENTS * Ranging from Real Estate to Hedge Funds, investment related viewing is meant to be informative and entertaining. The target audience ranges from college-age, to Generations X & Y. It is meant to edu-tain and aid these groups with their financial futures.

AYCE MEDIA TV – CULINARY * Tasty & visually stimulating shows for the connoisseurs of fine dining, the culinary element of AYCE is meant to titillate the senses and take interest in all things dining related to new heights.

AYCE MEDIA TV – NIGHTLIFE * The nightlife area of AYCE will be a barometer for good partying in major markets including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago & Atlanta. This area of programming will be a high-gloss view of celebs, favorite spots and the in’s and outs of jet-set entertainment.

Advertisers and Sponsors will benefit from the broad demographic range, both in age and interests, and field a large target audience for both new and tried and true products and services.
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