Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"Shark Tank", on ABC Sunday night 9/8 central (changing to Tuesday nights - check your local listings), is an entrepreneur's "wet" dream (SHARK...WATER...WET??...LOL) and could very well be the best thing reality T.V. has to offer.

The cutting edge "Angel or Devil" investor show allows anyone...ANYONE...with a business idea and the least bit of vision an opportunity to have that vision come to fruition. It also affords the panel of potential investors the opportunity to eat one desperate dreamer up like raw steak in the wicked TANK!!

The panel of financiers consists of Kevin Harrington (Info-mercial Guru), Kevin O'Leary (Educational Software Billionaire), Daymond John (Co-Founder of Clothing Giant FUBU), Barbara Corcoran (Real Estate Mogul/Business Consultant) and Robert Herjavec (Canadian Entrepreneur).

Not only can one pitch his/her idea for IMMEDIATE funding, but in this info-mediate celebrity access age, you can get the back story and other tidbits from Daymond John himself on the ever-popular TWITTER *

Do this to or none!!

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