Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Foundry on Melrose is a Restaurant, Lounge & Bar that's primed to be the next "in" destination for both Hollywood and non-Hollywood taste-makers.

Set in the middle of the Melrose madness, it's easily accessible for those who frequent the area and definitely pops out for the eyes of random accidental tourists.

Atmosphere at The Foundry is a combination of laid back and in your face sexiness. Dim lighting throughout, a cushy lounge area as you walk in the door complete with low to the ground booths and short leather square stools, select booths that feature the action in the kitchen for diners and a large back patio - covered and decorated with an ambient fireplace just to add to the mood. You're also encouraged to dine in a front patio area that puts you face to face with Melrose foot traffic and all the scenes and action of prime time shopping.

Most important at any restaurant is the FOOD! In that area, Owner & Executive Chef Eric Greenspan brings brilliance and simplicity together under one roof. Highly recommended is an appetizer we're all familiar with - GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES! The special "Foundry Twist" is that these childhood memories come with a grown up addition - Short Rib! Also adding to it's grown up nature, are ingredients of Taleggio, Raisin Bread & Apricot-Caper Puree. This is a lounge area delight for certain.

Suggested entrees include the New York Strip and/or Albacore Tartare. Each is paired with a suggested wine, and in all honesty, any and every entree served is made with exquisite taste and presentation to boot...close your eyes and pick one!!

Bottom Line: If you're in L.A., get yourself to The Foundry on Melrose - if you're NOT in L.A., get yourself to L.A. - then get yourself to THE FOUNDRY ON MELROSE!!

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